Cleaning Tile & Grout

Tile floors can be absolutely stunning. That is until they get dingy and the grout looks like it was drawn on by a black magic marker. There’s no way to avoid dirty tile. As long as you’re walking on it dirt and soil will accumulate over time. But there are ways to slow down this process and ways to renew your tile after it has already been dirtied.

There are numerous types of tile to choose from. Each presents its own distinct style and flavor. But whether you’ve ceramic, travertine, or marble one thing is still the same. Read more about different types of tiles here. You need to keep it clean.Cleaning Tile & Grout

A useful product to own in your arsenal is a vacuum created for hard surfaces. These work much better than sweeping given that they eliminate more soil and will not damage your floor. You may also want to consider acquiring a micro-fiber or Swiffer mop/sweeper. These are delicate enough to pick up anything left behind after vacuuming without creating any scratches.

When mopping your tile it is recommended that you use a string mop. And if available, one made out of a micro-fiber. You do not want to apply an excess of detergent of any kind on your tile. This tends to produce a residue accumulation that could attract more soil. What you are looking to use is a neutral pH cleaner designed for tile. Take a review about neutral pH cleaner at Also remember to rinse your mop out often with plain water to get out soils and detergent residue. As a general rule it is good to mop your floor with plain water every third time you clean. This will help refresh the tile and purge it of any buildup that may have developed from previous cleanings.

It is always important to know your tile. Different types of tile need different types of maintenance. These items can etch into the surface and leave blemishes and other unsightly marks. It’s also recommended that you never wax your stone or tile. Wax can leave residues that can lead to further damage. You want to polish your natural stone floors on a regular basis to keep it looking its best. For this it’s best to call in a professional.

Cleaning grout is a bit more tedious as in carpet cleaning. There really isn’t an easy way to take care of it. Cleaning usually requires getting down on the floor with a little brush and exercising that elbow. You want to make sure to use a high alkaline cleaner with that small brush and rinse after scrubbing.

If you’re getting grout installed it is vital to get it sealed within 10-14 days. And make sure that the sealer is only applied after the grout has been thoroughly cleaned. Or else you are just sealing the dirt with the grout.

Now as soon as that tile gets past your capabilities you’ll want to call in a professional tile cleaner. It is recommended that you have your tile floor cleaned professionally as well as sealed every 3-5 years. This will make your maintenance efforts less of a challenge and maximize the life of your tile.

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